Christian Clean

Although any of our shows can be done clean this christian show is made for any church enviornment

You will not find this show any where else-- it can be done with all music or all comedy or any combo.

Rickey Smiley

This is a higher end show and is for larger Theaters but is a money maker.

From the Movie DeadPool and Transformers- This is another Theater big ticket performance - Money Maker .

One of Comedy Centrals best and most requested performers.

There are few living legends Dick Gregory is one of the jewels our country still has and should be on everyones bucketlist- purchase this show NOW

Micheal Blackmon

One of the most original and popular comedians today-- his Instagram alone makes the price worth investigating a show here. - Killing the internet

All Kappa's

This is just an example- we have an All Omega Psi Phi, All Alpha phi Alpha and multi Greek Shows of all racial backgrounds